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   Yesterday and today I keep thinking it is fall...wishful thinking huh?!?!? I am SOOOOOOO ready for cooler weather, I am ready to go outside and not SWEAT! YUCK! Come of Fall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   I got up this morning drank a cup of coffee and could not hold my eyes open! So I went back to bed! This is the second morning I have done this! I had to sleep more!
   My nephew starts school next Monday!!! It seems like he just got out! He has been out for 8 weeks total, that is not much of a summer! he is not ready to go back which is not like him, he likes school, Have a great school year "Lolly"!
   I packed...well repacked for the campground, we are leaving out tomorrow afternoon. Lovie wants to work that area Friday. I will have me a relaxing lounging day!! ~*giggle*~

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