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   Lovie and I woke early today for a change! I did not want to get up but I did! ~*giggle*~ I had planed on walking on the treadmill at 9am, but I had the pleasure of a sinus drip this morning! UGH! It hurts to swallow! I updated Hidden Oaks and wrote the newspaper, then updated my page! Now I will take the rest of the day to get the laundry washed and rest!
   We had a good wkend, we ended up not going to the campground which I was glad with the way I was feeling yuckie and fever blisters, I really did not need to be outdoors in the heat! I am on doctors orders to rest and for Lovie to massage my neck every night! ~*giggle*~ I do think my DR. is on my side, don't you!?!?!?!
   We went with brother-in-law and sister to Past Times downtown for pizza Friday night. Then Saturday night it was family night with the whole fam at Lone Star. I had a chocolate martini that was verra yummy! I do believe each place makes them differnent, I have not had two of the same chocolate martinis so far!!! Of course I got giggly and ate to many appetizers and could not eat all my meal... But the company was wonderful and the food was yummy, what I ate of it! ~*giggle*~
   Sunday we took it easy, I felt horrible! I should have know something was coming when I broke out with two fever blisters!!! I look like a colligen injection gone really bad!!!! Ouchie! I took a shower and stayed in my jammies!
   Lovie is doing a demo day with a new employee, a friend of ours brother-in-law, I hope he like the job! Well I am goign to put some laundry on and eat some icecream. maybe it will help my throat... ~*giggle*~ good excuse huh!?!?!?! Have a giggly day!

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