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   Dennis the Menace did not come our way...but...poor Florida!!!! My Daddy has been in Destin since right after Ivan hit last year on a clean up crew, he was evacuated Thursday afternoon, they wanted him to go one hour inland, he told them NO and came home! He told them he needed to be home in case his family had to evacuate! I was glad he came home! Destin took a hard hit! Can you believe there in yet ANOTHER storm out there!?!?!?! Tropical Storm 5! I really hope it dies down and goes away!
   I have a doctors appointment tomorrow at 3pm. My neck still hurts to the touch and my tonsil is still enlarged. I am fatigued BaaaaaaD! And my back hurts! I think I might have mono!!! I had it when I was 16 (from drinking out of a water fountain! not kissie poo) I am feeling the same way I was then, I had it for 6wks and did not know it, Momma thought I was staying up too late and that is why I was sleeping all the time. When it started getting really bad she took me to the doctor and found the MONO! Wish me luck, I will just be glad when I ma feeling better!
   Ohhhhhh Big Brother live feed is good! I know two sets of folks that have a secret person in the game with them! hahahhahahaha I can not wait for it to come back on tomorrow night!!!

I am ready to do this again!!!!

Have great night!

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