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   I went to the doctor this afternoon, he ran some blood test and will call me tomorrow with the results. He thinks it could be Mono or my thyroids!?!?!?! I am just ready to find out what is wrong with me and feel better! We did ask if I can swim and he said YES!!!

   Lovie cooked me creasant dogs for dinner! VERRA YUM-Y! he is grilling him some ribs. He was going to get in the pool while they cook, but he forgot that Big Brother comes on tonight, so he is inside on his computer and cooking his ribs on the grill.
   My Daddy has to go back to Destin in the morning. I am not sure where he will be staying, I forgot to ask... I just hope he does not stay down there too much longer, he needs to be home with us. He did say that they will probably be working seven days a week now! They will have to do all the sand again, and dig it out of the hotels again! Will the madness every end? Nope, there are four storms out there right now! FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is like they are lining up like lil school kids!
   Lovie and I are still planing our September trip! We have decided not to go to Mexico for now. We want to take our puppy kids with us! So we are prolly going to Florida for a week. I am sooo excited about getting on the beach!!! I hope that Taylor and Mikayla will get to go with us. Taylor will be back in school, so we have to talk to his parents about it, and we will need to take Momma with us to help with Mikayla!! ~*giggle*~ Well it is almost TV time, have a giggly night!

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