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It is that time again! Ladies and gentlemen my I introduce to you Tropical Storm Arlene!

   Please keep the Gulf Coast in your thoughts and prayers that this will not be a storm season like last year! We have been having our typical afternoon thunder storms everyday this week, which is ok, but it makes it hard to get your yard work done, mud...
   I am watching The Cut, so far so good, all but this one chick that is taunting the old married guy, girl get over your self! I was tickled to see two peps from New Orleans!! Aeeeeeeeee! I think I will get into this one big time! I am just not so sure how I am gonna learn to like anymore than I have not Mr. Tommy Hilfiger, he can get SOOOO snooty but I do like his clothes ~*giggle*~ Oh to be in the competition must be too cool...
   Last night I had hives on both of my thighs, itchy city! I took some benadryl and went to bed. This morning I got up and drank two cups of coffee, but I found myself with my head back mouth open SLEEPING!!!!! So I went back to bed and slept toll 11:30am!!!!!!! I felt much better after I got "back up"! I hope that I do not get hives tonight, but if I do, I will "sleep it off" before I get up!

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