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   My tattoo is looking better and better. It started peeling yesterday! I am bummed that I still have to cover it when outside, only three more days!!!! Yahoo! I am ready to show it off!
   I am VERRA disappointed in American Idol ! Bo Bice won hands down, he was GREAT, now don't get me wrong I like Carrie, but come on Bo ROCKED the house! Bo is MY American Idol !!!
   It is SOOOOO HOT here! But there is suppose to be a "COOL" front coming! COME ON DOWN I say! It will be nice to have cooler temps for the wkend!
   Lovie and I went to play golf with friends Sunday. Well I did not play, my leg was hurting form the tattoo ~*giggle*~ Good excuse for us girls to just ride the golfcart and not get hot and sweetie! We had a great time! I want a new golf bag BAD!!! Mine is HOT PINK but it is old and has stains on it YUCK! Maybe I will get one for my birthday!!! Hint, Hint!
   I am going to bed EARLY tonight! We are going to the campground tomorrow afternoon and I will be packing most of the day! I got the ironing done today thank goodness! I just hope that my packing does not go as normal here lately, I get so frustrated and confused, I hate that, it makes me not want to go at all, like why bother ya know?!?! But once I get done and get dressed I am ok! blaaaaaaaaaaa.......... Have a giggly night!

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