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   Here is sit in the bed with my puppy girls and my laptop SICK! I am sick of being sick! We went to the campground for a Valentines wkend, but nooooooo...I started feeling worse and worse! So we came home last night around 6:30pm.
   Friday night we visited with friends. It was cold so we went in around 8:30pm. Lovie watched TV and I dipped strawberries in chocolate! YUM - ME!!!!! Lovie put in the movie Ray, but I feel fast asleep, he enjoyed it very much. I will try to watched the rest in the morning.
   Saturday Lovie took my brother-in-law to drop his truck off to have tires put on while I got dressed. We visited after he got back. We were invited to a fish fry for that afternoon. We shared the chocolate strawberries with our friends while the kids played on the playground. We went over to our friends for the fish fry about 3pm. Lovie helped with the cooking. We had two birthdays to celebrate. Then we went to pack up to head home so I could get in my nest! Lovie stayed up playing golf on the computer with his boss till 2am!!!
   I woke up at 3:30am!!! I went to get some water then turned the TV back on, I finally went back to sleep around 5am! I got back up around 10am. Lovie brought me breakfast in bed! Grits and bacon! VERRA YUMMY! He brought me all my meds and the laptop. I checked my e-mail then play some golf. At 2pm we went down for a nap, I cat napped for about an hour but was WOKE up with Lovie's SNORING! So I went in the he living room and watched TV for a bit.
  Brother-in-law called to got Lovie to meet him to pick up lasagna he made for supper. I was WONDERFUL! Lovie picked me up some comfort chocolate too!
   I am gonna try to get a nap before Carnival comes on at 8pm!! Have a great night and LOTS of chocolate wishes for your Valentines Day!!!!

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