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   Happy Mardi Gras / Super Bowl Sunday! We just woke up from a great nap! We left the campground around noon so we could have nap time before the game came on.
   Friday afternoon we headed to the campground for a Mardi Gras celebration. We went to dinner with my sister, her husband and another couple to Ground Patti. The food was great and the company even better. We rode the golfcart a bit after we got back, then headed in for a warm up.
   Saturday morning I woke up at day break! I dose for a bit, but could not slumber anymore! Lovie went with brother-in-law to look at tires. I got dressed.
   Lovie and I went riding on the golfcart to visit with everyone. We went to go get the camera and to let the puppy kids go potty well... "Lexi" rolled in something tat smelled RELLY bad!!!! So Lovie stayed at the camper to bath her, and I went to take pics of the kiddies parade. Lovie meet me after he bathed "Lexi" then himself!
   Tink and I went to the Dollar Store and the boys went to get the stuff for dinner. Momma, Daddy and Mikayla came to take care of something at their site, then they stayed to visit and eat dinner with us. We had fried catfish and shrimp on a stick! YUM-E!!!!! All our camping friend came over to visit and of course we made them eat some fish!! My friend gave me some Pink Flamingo Mardi Gras beads!! They are TOO cute!!! Thank you Derra!
   Tink, Lovie and I went in at 8:30pm last night! It was only in the 40s but it was BONE CHILLING COLD! So we went in to get warm! Lovie and I watched TV and I looked at the Avon books and made a order!! ~*giggle*~ Then we watched SNL then MadTV. I went to sleep but Lovie did not, it was one movie after another for him! He finally went to sleep this morning after day break for about 45 mins. He cooked milk gravy and biscuits this morning for everyone, it was verra good!
   So once again it was an great camping wkend with lots of great family ad friends and lots of laughs! I hope you had a great wkend also! Have a giggly night!

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