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   Do you see the temp?!?!?! IT IS COLD! We will have our first freeze tonight! I am VERRA excited about that!!! ~*giggle*~ BRRR.......
   Today is my Lovie's birthday! I had coffee and cookie waiting on him when he got home today! We are having a junk food / movie night! Right now we are watching Charlie's Angel Full Throttle. GREAT movie!!!    
   I am SO proud of myself, I did my meme's this morning!! YAHOO! I have not even thought about them in forever, but really need to get back in the swing of them!
   I have LOTS of cooking coming up the next few days!! In the morning I will start on the gingerbread cookies!! YUMMY! Taylor's fav!
   Time for the next movie. I will post pics of the cookies when I get done! Have a great night!

   for my Lovie :
   Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday dear Lovie... Happy birthday to you!
I love you!

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