8:02 pm

   I am in LOVE with our new cable box! ~*giggle*~ I set a few shows to record over the wkend, Dr. Vegas, Joan of Arcadia and Hope & Faith. I also LOVE the fact that you can fast forward threw the commercials while watching what you recorded!!! Oh how sweet it is!
   I made my doctors appointment today, I go Thursday at 1:30pm. I am going to talk to him about the problems I have been having. Maybe he needs to up my medicine, I do not know. I just hope I have a better week this week! I had a pretty good wkend, it did not start out good, but it did get better being with my Lovie and my family!
   My Daddy called last night, THANK GOODNESS! We were getting worried about him with Jeanne over there, but luckily it was not close to them! They were having 50MPH winds! But they were safe. He told Momma they will be there till April, OMG!!!! I do not like my Daddy being away from us, but he is doing what he loves!
   I am working on getting back on my schedule. Lately when I wake up I am SOOOO groggy! It takes me two cups of coffe and a while to wake up! My eyes and lips are SOOOOO puffy! I hope this is not goign to be the norm for every morning!

My "NORMAL" day :
6am - wake up
6:10 - 7:30am - have coffee, check e-mail and do my meme's
7:30 - make bed and get dressed
8:00 - 9:00am - Walk on treadmill
9:00 - 9:10am - rest
9:10 - 11:00am - clean house
11:00 - 11:30am - Yoga time!
rest of the day to myself!

    I am watching some TV then it is off to bed for me! Hope you and your have a wonderful night!

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