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   Thank you Rosie for the well wishes! I am feeling a little better, still down in the dumps some! I do not know how much more of this I can take. I do not have any energy, I still cannot get to sleep at the hour I should, and when I do I wake up looking like I have been on a three day drunk, puffy eyed and mouth, ughk! Calgone take me away!
   Lovie picked us up one of the new cable boxes yesterday! I AM IN LOVE!!! I will NO LONGER miss any of my fav shows!!! YAHOO! Last night we recorded Joey, then CSI. We watch Joey then CSI and I feel asleep! ( SLEEP of all times! ) Lovie deleted CSI, pooey! Oh well, he told me what all had happened!! ~*giggle*~
   My Daddy called to let Momma know he made it safe and sound, and they are moving into their apartment today! I am not sure who he is bunking with, but hopefully it is one of his ole buddies!!! He will take some pics while their, so I will get copies and post some here, but it will be a month or two before I get any. He took a months worth of his meds with him, so he will need more, we will prolly drive down half way to meet him with them. I am VERRA proud of my Daddy for going to help clean up the damage of Ivan!
   Can you believe Ivan is BACK! He came back down the Atlantic crossed Flroida and came back into the Gulf! OMG GO AWAY ALREADY IVAN! He is was where near my home town when he came on land again, he is head the other direction he went last time! Guess he wanted to see more of the good ole USA!

pic by NOAA

   I am dressed and ready to go to the campground! Waiting on Lovie!!! Have a great day and wkend!

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