I forgot to post my latest Lucy Moment!!! This on is a good one!!!! ~*giggle*~

   I got on the golfcart and back out, all of a sudden, I was slammed sideways!!!! The golf cart was still plugged in to the charger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wires ripped out of the charger that plugs into the cart!!! OMG!!! My Lovie asked "what was that" I said "uh oh", "you gonna be mad" (as if, he never get mad at me!!) I just knew that was the end of that chager! But...Thank goodness our friend came to the rescue!!! He fixed the charger in no time!
Thank you Kenny!

   I can not tell you how stupid I felt, but I felt horrible!! But thank goodness it was not completly broken! Whew!!
   My Lovie just got home. We are getting ready to eat and watch some TV, then we have a movie to watch, The Human Stain. Never heard of it, so we'll see!

Have a giggly night!

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