I did not want to get up this morning! It felt so good to sleep in! I finally got up around 9:30! ~*giggle*~

   we had a cool front come down over the wkend! Less humid as it has been, it was nice! but today the humidity is back up, and I hear thunder! Come on rain, that is the other cool front coming! I am really ready for fall! I love the "feeling" of it, everyone seems to exhale and take life a little slower, and enjoy life again!
   My Lolly (Taylor) started back to school today! He was ready, he loves school. He has three teachers! I did not "change classes" when I was in elementary!!! Kids are forced to grow up too fast these days, they are not "kids" for long!
   I added SweetRosie to my Yahoo! last night. It was nice chatting with you Rosie! Hope to talk to you again soon!
   Off to clean house, we kinda left it a little disarrayed Friday! Have a great day!

September 21 is the first day of Autumn!!!

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