Good Morning! My Lovie took me to the ER last night, I was having chest pains and my arm was hurting and numb! The wait was long but not too bad. They check my vital's in the triage and said they didn't think it was my heart, but wanted to do a EKG just to make sure. A tech wheeled in a EKG machine in the little room they had put me in. (not a room in the back, just a temp room, they were full) Then I had to go to x-ray for them to take a pic of my chest. Finally the doctor had a chance to see me! The EKG came back good a, but the x-ray showed signs of bronchitis. So they gave me a antibiotic and a inhaler! I will have to use the inhaler when my chest gets tight.
   We went to the 24 hour pharmacy to had them filled. My Lovie had me go ahead and use the inhaler. GROSS!!! It taste yuckie! But it did help my chest. Now I will have to take the other meds and hopefully that will get ride of what I thought was a summer cold and not turn into phenomena! That is what the doctor told me on my way out, "get lots of rest, lots of fluids, take you meds, I do not want to see you back here with phenomena! So no walking on the treadmill for a few days! BUMMER!!!
   We watched Under The Tuscan Sun yesterday afternoon. This movie will make you want to move to Italy!!!! Oh the views and the house and the little shops! OH! Diane Lane was wonderful as always! She makes you feel the character!
Great Movie

   We made the mistake of getting Scary Movie 3. Don't get me worng it had it's "funny" parts, but not my kinda movie.
Ok Movie

   Well I guess I better get off here and get my things done, I am going to help Daddy with the kids at Momma doctors appointment. Have a great day!


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