Aghw! I feel like POO!!!! I used my inhaler this morning and took my meds, but my chest is still tight! It is hard to breath! I REALLY hope that these meds help me get better!
   I went yesterday with Momma & Daddy yesterday to her appointment, they think is is not anything too serious, thank goodness. They gave her a rubber band to exercise her arm and a shot of cortisone in it! OUCHIE! The kids were good for me and Daddy, Taylor had one complaint! He was hungry and wanted to know just how long we were going to be there. Mikayla was good, but needed a nap, everything Daddy or I would try to give her a bottle, she would hear someone talking and jerk up to see who ti was! TOO FUNNY!
   We went by Wendy's on the way home to get lunch. We had southwest salads and Taylor had a kids meal. I haven't tried their salads before, they were GREAT! Very Yummy! I will get that again!
   Have a giggly night, I am off to soak in a hot bath! Maybe the steam will help!?!

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