6:35 pm


   It is 25 minutes till Big Brother 5!!! Yahoo! And it is 98 out right now! Will the heat ever end! aghw!!!! I swear you can smell the road melting!!!! Yuck!
   My Lovie went to work for brother-in-law this afternoon, do not know when he'll be home! We sure needed the extra money though!!! Thank you brother-in-law!
   We watched Bad Santa last night, it was good, but like the other not what they had made it out to be! I found myself disgusted with Santa though the hole movie, then at the end feeling sorry for him! Huh! You will have to watch it to understand!
Good movie
   I just finished Butterfly Affect! WOW!!! I liked this one alot! You know there are some people out there that think they can do this! Creepy! If you have not seen it, SEE IT!
Great movie!
   I will be back after Big Brother, maybe...We have a movie to watch tonight, Haunted Mansion!!! So who knows what kinda mood I'll be in after BB5 and a movie, might have to get in the bed from pure exaltation!


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  1. Hi Jeauxdi ... hope you had a good day :) ... i saw the butterfly effect i thought it was weird ;) ... hope you enjoyed your big brother 5 :) .... ROSIE :) *HUGS*


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