I guess getting in the HOT temp of 101 with a heat index of 118 yesterday didn't help my cold at all. I am having a relasp of this mess! I feel yuckie poo! hurting all over again! And now my Daddy has this mess! Awgh! Go away summer cold, Go away!
   We watched Along Came Polly, Monster and Cold Creek Manor yesterday. All three were good, but Along Came Polly was not what it was made out to be in the advertisements! It was good, don't get me wrong, but not as funny as I thought it would have been.
   Someone drooped off some kittens at our house last week! My Lovie found on in the drive way dead! A little black one, it was so cute too! A orange tabby was on my back porch when he came in and it tried to attack him! (Haven't seen it since) Also a brown tabby that has been hanging around my front porch, now it is staying on the back porch! I told My Lovie he needs to do something about it, it is sleeping in my laundry hamper, and if it pee's on the clothes that smell will never come out of the clothes!!!!! Why do people do this, someone would have given them a home I am sure! I do not want any cats, I have had my thing with cats before. I have enough to tend two with four pups!!!!
   Well it is off to the ironing board for me...I think I will take a nap later, maybe that will help me feel better!

Have a giggly day!


  1. Howdy girl!
    It's NOT anonymous.. it's ME.. Lynn! :D Thanks for visiting me earlier! I couldn't believe it, another bad back that needs help and insurance won't authorize the help! GRRRRRRRRR... what's the world coming to? Surgery would be MUCH more costly! : / Why not help it heal now, for much less? Grrrrrrrr....
    Anyway.. I read back a post or two here, and read about the doggie. :"( Poor thing. I have a gentle little beagle - 20 pounds.. and if a bad dog whipped up on her like that, I think I would go bonkers and beat the dog myself! It sounds like a terrible whipping that little one took. : ( I hope everything heals on up quickly, without infection getting into the wounds.

    Well girl.. take care of your back too.. and get well soon!
    Good to see ya again!

  2. http://hugspaula.com/paulaspotpourri/

    The heat and I do ot get along either......anything over 84 is to much for me to handle. I have 4 ac running all of the time. Likes to wreak havoc on my sinuses and allergies way to much.

    Kittens........something about ya they know to drop them off their I tell ya. Happened to us all of the time when I lived at home. A conveninet spot in the country near a highway. I hate it when people do that though........I always have to make sure they find a good home or a non-euthanize shelter.

    *HUGS* Paula

  3. Hi Jeauxdi ... sorry to hear about your summer cold repeating itself ... and the cats will hang around .... they do that at my parents house drop off cats like that ... and that heat is not nice .... i laughed at along came polly ... it was cute i thoight ... hope you feel better soon ...


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