I have a summer cold!
   It started Friday! My head, ears, throat, and body hurt!!!! I can not taste much of anything! My head fills like it is full of water! ahhhhhhhhhh! I just fell YUCKIE!
   I am SOOOOO excited! Big Brother 5 and The Amazing Race 5 start tonight!!! My Lovie signed us for the live feeds for Big Brother! I love watching it live!!!! Now I have these two shows and The Simple Life 2!!! Sure will make my week go fast!! The ONLY thing is Big Brother is on Saturday nights!!!!! We are always at the campground, so I will have to just watch it there!!!!! Glad brother-in-law has a BIG screen out there and likes watching it too!
   My Lovie fried us some catfish tonight, it is VERY yummy! He did "Momma fries" to go with! OMG! They taste like momma's!!!! (Momma Fries are fresh potatoes, with seasoning and a little fish fry on them, then fried)
   Have a great night, I am off to the sofa, then off to bed with a shot of nyquil! YUCK!


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  1. Hi Jeauxdi ... I'm sorry to hear that you have a summer cold ... i don't like those summer colds ... my lil one too all congested ... i hope you feel better soon ... ROSIE


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