It is Wednesday, you know what that means? Yes it is Hump Day, BUT...It is Simple Life 2 night!!!! YAHOOOOO!!! The girls will be in Louisiana tonight! I can not wait to see what they get their selves into!!
   My Lovie had to replace the alternator in the truck today! $200! OUCH! It would have been over $500 if we let the dealership do it! Thank goodness he knows how to work on cars! Put a BIG OLE dent in our pocket book! If it is not one thing it is another!
   I am feeling somewhat better. I straightened the house today, vacuumed, and started the wash from the wkend. I feel drained! It has been a long day today!
   Gotta run for now, need to get my bath, My Lovie is bringing home Popeye's!!! YUMMY!

Have a giggly night!

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  1. Hi Jeauxdi ... glad to hear that you are feeling a lil better :) how was the simple life 2 ?


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