Oh my! I ate so much that my butt wiggles like cranberry sauce straight out of the can!!!! We had a great Thanksgiving! We left for the campground on Tuesday! Wednesday Chris had to go into Baton Rouge to work, I visited with Momma & Daddy=, Robin and James for the day. It was Taylor's 9th birthday and he recieved ballons from his parents! Momma and I tied the ballons to the back of the golf cart for him! He was so proud!
On Thursday morning Chris and I headed to Baton Rouge at 9am to have dinner with his family. We called his Momma, sister, Aunt & Uncle, neices, nephew and cousin to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving! The food at his Dad's was wonderful as always! We went by Chris' grandparents on the way back. His Pawpaw has shingles, poor thing is in alot of pain! We arrived back to the campground at 6pm and had dinner with my family. Daddy de-boned a turkey and stuffed it with rice dressing and they friend a turkey, yummy!! Beside all the rain all day it was a wonderful day!
Friday the Pow Wow started at the campground. Their were indians everywhere!!! It had turned cold! We had to bundle up so much! I felt like the lil brother on that Christmas movie, I couldn't move!!!!! By Sunday we all were ready to go home! It felt good to come home and get ahot bath and get in my nest! The only thing is it was 53 on our house! We turned the hearter off when we left! Brrrrrr! All in all it was a long but wonderful week! Hope yours was a Happy Thanksgiving too!

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