Mike VI 
July 23, 2005 - October 11, 2016

LSU mascot Mike VI passed away Tuesday, October 11, 2016 due to declining health caused by cancerous tumors throughout his body.

In May, Mikes caretakers found a rare, lemon-sized tumor behind his right eye, it was determined to be a terminal. LSU Veterinary School in conjunction with Mary Bird Perkins-Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center treated Mike with stereotactic radiation therapy which initially shrank the tumor. 

A CT scan earlier this month found that the initial tumor resumed growth, and smaller, nodule-like tumors were found in Mike's leg, on his neck and throughout his lungs. Dr Baker let everyone know Mike wouldn't live longer than a month to two months.

Mike was out in his habitat throughout the weekend with many visitors coming to leave flowers, notes and to say their goodbyes. On Sunday it was announced he wouldn't come out of his night house due to his health declining. 

On Tuesday Mike was humanly euthanized. He will forever live in every LSU Tiger fans heart. 

We'll miss you big kitty 🐯

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  1. As trearful as it is to see him go, it was a great life for Mike. He was always so friendly when we visited. Hope he is playing with the big ball in the sky! Love ya Mike VI


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