Lazy rainy day...

Lovie and I had a day date to go see Oz The Great and Powerful! OMGoodness! It was great! Disney really did a wonderful job on the 3D/Imax details! I was so enveloped in the movie, it was like I was there! I can't wait for it to come out on DVD to watch AGAIN and AGAIN!!!
Having a lazy day today...Lovie wanted to fish and I wanted to go for a run, but it's raining! Maybe this afternoon we can get a run in...
Last night we finally celebrated my parents 55th and our 20th Anniversary's! Their was Dec 20th and our the 29th We went to Acme Oyster House, the food was fantastic as always! Lovie and Daddy drank of the brewkies to cheer our celebration! After dinner we went to Coffee Call to have beignets and cafe au'lait for dessert...YUM!
When we were walking into the cafe there was a group of teens from a local high school (they all had track suits with school name on them) being loud! Yes teens are loud! LOL But this was LOUD! One girl was standing on one of the stools with a head lock on a boy! She was telling him "I will not let go"! :O He told her "Okay I quit"! When she walked away she had retrieved the candy she was going for, she left the boy with powdered sugar on him from head to toe! Way to represent your school kiddos!
Lovie and I bought some goodies at Hobby Lobby yesterday! Now I just need to get my craft/sewing/art studio area (the dining room!! HA) back in order. We had put everything in the closet for the holiday's...Yeah it's March and I haven't gotten things back out...Having with drawls!!
Hope are enjoying your weekend as much as we are! Have a great rest of this day!


  1. I have had a most wonderful day date and time with you all weekend as I always do! I Love you!


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