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     OMGoodness! Sorry about being MIA! Just trying to feel better and not really interested in the computer over the past week or so…But I’m getting better with each day! Lovie and I are enjoying and still settling into our new home! What a dream come true! g  We  have been buying new stuff to decorate here and there…Here are some pics!!

We are having so much fun!
    I have gotten myself addicted to SMASH Book! YOU must check it out! I have always liked scrap booking but just couldn’t get “into” it, SMASH Book it a lil differnet, you SMASH anything and everything in it! L VE it! On top of being addicted to my webpages, drawing on my iPad, playing games and reading on my iPad…Now I am SMASHING! ~giggle I am so happy with getting back to my creative self!
~sweet dreams


  1. You are sooo connected to your creative self! I am amazed at how you have directed our decorating! I am enjoying your smash book , creative design and writing! I love you

  2. Thank you Fluffy! I am having a ball! I L<3VE YOU!


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