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Hi! Sorry I haven’t posted! Been busy and not feeling too good…I wanted to post some pics  real quick of the happenings of the time I have been absence...We have our first out of town guest coming in this afternoon and I have yet another doctor’s appointment also!  The pics are mostly of things Lovie and I purchased for the new house! It’s so much fun decorating! And please don’t think I am “showing off” or “bragging”…FAR from that, we are just so proud of the progress we have made in our lives...May God bless you as he has us~
these are in our bath…

Key keeper ~      ~Tower in the breakfast area
Italy over the sofa~
guest bath~
My beautiful Orchid Lovie bought me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
This is my first SMASH Book! I started my first page and I am in LOVE and having fun with this! I tried scrapbooking years ago, it just wasn’t me…I LOVE to look at scrapbook and the creativity that’s put into each page…Check out SMASH Book it might be something you like or want to add to your scrapbooking collections! (make sure you watch the video!)

I’m stylin’ my hot boot! OHHH Weeeee…You all know you want one! Just wait till you see the pics since I have BLINGED it! YEAH!
McFluffy & Cheekie wishing you a lovely Holy Week!

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  1. I so love your creativity. If there is anyone who thinks that you or I are boasting, or bragging, I pray that they don't have to take the path that we have journeyed to get there! I would not change a thing in our lives. That being said I have loved learned, lost and found everything within my being, and pray that I am able to continue to provide for my family and please my savior! I love you!


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