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    HAPPY EASTER! How’s your Easter Holiday so far? Ours is started this past Monday with Lovie’s Mom, nieces and nephew from Atlanta coming to stay a few nights! Our first over night / out of town guest! The kid’s enjoyed the lake so much…Nephew feed the duck’s and goose/eese and kinda had a lil “gift” from one of them on the patio the next morning! EWWW! ~giggle What memories we made!
    It was Good Friday at the river camp yesterday afternoon, as we do every year. Lovie’s Mom, nieces and nephew went down on Wednesday, his sister  and hubby ( kiddo’s parents ) came in that night, also his Aunt and cousins! So on Friday we went down ( and when I down, our river camp is only 25 mins from our house!! LOL ) to visit with everyone and his grandparents were there also. Lovie cooked fried catfish, fried corn and french fries! YUMM! More memories!! g
    About to get dressed, go pick up Pawpaw and Mawmaw and head back down to the camp for the day...I hope you are making wonderful memories with your loved ones this weekend...Happy Easter!


  1. I Love spending time with you, and all of our family! Muah, I Love you!

  2. I do too Lovie! ~muah~ I love you!


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