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    We are closer to moving in! The previous owners have moved out, Lovie went yesterday for a walk through with the realtor. The cleaning service will be there today and the floor cleaning  service will be out Thursday. We pick our keys up tomorrow! SO EXCITED! Lovie took pics yesterday…Have a lookie!

Gotta fix the leaks and clean the concrete! LOOK at the patio furniture & swing they left! sAAAweet! Ready to sit out there and drink some coffee!
                             Laundry room                                                                                     guest (half) bath
my (well Lovie will sleep here too ~giggle~) new NEST!    the hallway to “The BUBBLES”!


    Lovie rented a moving truck, we will start moving on Thursday! Still have some stuff to go through and pack, we really don’t have THAT much stuff, we did a “purge” a few months ago (THANK GOODNESS) Lovie is stressing about decorating the house! ~*giggle*~ I keep telling him to calm, we will get things as we see them. Plus I have been pinning like  Pinterest  was a VOODOO doll! BAWAHAHAHA! So I have lot’s of idea’s! SO EXCITED!

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    It’s been two weeks that we have been on hiatus from FaceBook...A friend E-Mailed me to ask if everything was okay with us, she hadn’t see us on FB. I replied to her to let her know everything is good, we just needed a FB break. I should have sent out a mass message letting everyone know about the hiatus, I didn’t think about doing that at the time, I just needed to shut it down. There are still ways to stay in touch with me via the internet...Click the links below to follow, contact, ect...

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    Hope to hear from ya! Gonna get back to packin’! Have a fab rest of this Tuesday with giggles ~
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  1. Great Blog post my wonderful Cheek's! We are going to be busy over the next 5 days! but it will be sooo worth it! I didn't let ya know properly, so, I tell ya now. The back patio water backs up from the gutters emptying right there and the dirt being higher, So that the the first thing I an gonna do. Put and in ground drain at the gutters! :P I am ready to sit out there and have coffee with you also! I love you!

  2. We gonna be busy for more than five days! hehe I got ya one the patio, ya know me when it comes to Home Depot kinda stuff "LOST" HA!
    I love you to the moon and back! ~xx


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