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    Hmmm...What’s going on in my lil head, let’s see! TOO MUCH! The brain has been running on over drive here lately! When I’m AWAKE that is!
    Life is so amazing and should never be taking for granted. My cousin’s grandson was killed in a car crash in North Louisiana this past Thursday. He was 16 yrs old and had just gotten his driver’s license. My heart is broken for my cousin and her son’s loss of another child. Three years ago he lost his step son to a car crash. You never know when you will lay eye’s on your loved one’s for the last time...RIP Kody 
    Poor lil “Belle” is suffering along with her Daddy with a horrible sinus infection! The vet said for us to give her Benadryl. She can hardly bark on some days, sneezing like crazy, has a snotty lil nose and gets wheezy while sleeping. Her is my FIRST Flip video...She sounds “WUFF” (just a note...Mainly to SELF...Don’t turn the Flip! HAHA)

   I STILL haven't heard from my blood work...So I called today and asked. The nurse got on the phone and told me I need to come in and talk with my doctor about my cholesterol! OMG! What! I don’t eat fried foods that much! We don’t eat fast food but MAYBE twice every other month! I don’t eat like a health nut, but I don’t eat meat hardly at all, I don’t understand! I DO NOT want to add another med to my daily regiment! NO, NO, NO! I go on Wednesday morning at 8:15 AM...UGH!
    Early doctor’s appointment in the AM so I’ll be going to bed SOON! HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to go to sleep, since I dosed in my chair for about two hours again today! I am sick of this sleeping mess! Ready to have my sleep study done! I can’t be all sleepy in November while at Disney! With that I bid you goodnight and sweet dreams...


  1. OMG - that little girl is adorable!

  2. I will be thinking of you in the morning, let us know.
    I am so sorry to hear of the tragic car accident. How sad for that family.


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