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    So...Uhm yeah, I went to the doctor this morning to talk to him about my cholesterol. The lady at the window told I didn’t have an a appointment and they did not have my lab work back...Uhm, yeah ya do, I talked to the nurse and made this appointment on Monday. Sorry but we’ll have to work ya in she told me...Well POOH, Lovie was with me and had to go to work after my visit! But thank goodness it didn’t take long to get seen! 
   I was called back took a seat on the exam table, the nurse did her thing...BP and heart rate. My doctor came in and asked me if I ate a can of Crisco before I had my lab work!  Check these numbers out!

    When he told me how high my cholesterol and triglycerides were, I thought I was going to fall off the table! This runs in my family...But I get the BLUE RIBBON, TROPHY, GOLD MEDAL, AWARD of ACHEVEMENT for having the HIGHEST number! YAY ME! UGHhhhhhh!
    He set me up with my Daddy’s heart doctor to have a check and  stress test. I have chest pains that come and go. They last for about an hour at a time, feels like a ton of bricks sitting over my heart. I have had chest pains since I was in my teens. I have been to the ER a couple times with this and they do a EKG and tell me I am TOO YOUNG to have heart problems. So...Going to the heart doctor on April 2 to find out what is going on.
    I’m also going to the Sleep Foundation on March 30th for a consultation and to set up my sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea. I told Lovie if I do I am gonna just hook a hose to his C-Pap and we’ll share! ~*giggle*~
    Turning 40 everything changes and things go down hill...I was always told this, but DANG! I’m 41 and this is too much at one time. Maybe everything is coming now so I can get it over with and enjoy the rest of my 40’s! Oh that would be nice! I really don’t want to fall completely apart before my Lovie even makes it to 40! So...A favor, could you say a prayer for my lil heart that it is not broken?  Thank you...


  1. Hi hon! It's not broken...just a little bruised and battered {mmm....batter....TOTALLY OFF TRACK!} but you are smart enough & strong enough to recover from this. So from now on, when you come over to cook for me, it has to be "heart healthy" foods. Like ummm...skinny gravy? Lo-fat chicken fried steak? Lo-carb cake? Do such things exist? Do they taste like food? Can't we all just be fat & happy?


  2. I'll be crossing my fingers for you! I'm sure there are lots they can do to bring your cholesterol down--so that's a good thing.

    I'm sorry you're going through all this--I hope your heart is A-OK!!!

  3. I am so sorry that you are experiencing some health issues. You are in my thoughts and prayers!



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