A day of rest to start the week.

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    You just don’t know how glad that last week is over! WHEW! I really don’t think my nerves could take much more than I went through.
    Friday morning I went for another check up on my contacts. Everything checked out ok and I was ready to order my years worth of contacts YAY! I’m still getting use to them and learning to use my left eye more. I have noticed how much my right eye is my dominate eye and now it drives me nutty! But I am getting there...
    Lovie and I went to The Mall of Louisiana yesterday before we went to dinner at The Acme Oyster House. I wanted to buzz by Sephora to pick up free Beauty Insider sample I was E-Mailed about and take a look around! hehe I didn’t need anything but I did buy a purse sized roller ball bottle of Juicy Couture fragrance! OH MY it smells SOOOOO good!


    Lovie wanted to buy me a regular size bottle of it but I just bought a bottle of Lovely when we went to New Orleans last May, a bottle of Miss Dior Che’rie while on the cruise in Nov. and a bottle of Burberry Weekend right before Christmas…Soooo I told him to please wait and let me use those up! But I can tell Juicy and Miss Dior will be my two fragrances from now on!
    On the was back to the car we cut through Borders and I spotted a book I just HAD to buy! Birnbaum Guides...Walt Disney Worlds Expert Advice from the Inside Source! I started reading it this morning and I have learned some secrets all ready! WOOT! WOOT! Only 290 days to go!

    While in the MOLA I was SOOO excited to go to the Disney Store to get me a lil fix! HAHA They have gone! I wanted to cry! They are still listed on the Disney Store site but not on MOLA site! I hope they are just remodeling the store! FINGERS CROSSED! UGHHHHH!
    Well, Lovie is outside changing the oil in the vehicles and I am in my nest watching shows on my DVR...Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!





  1. I hope the week ahead is a good one!!

  2. I'm glad you had a fun shopping Sunday!! How cool you're learning the Disney secrets for your trip!!

  3. a girl after my own heart with Juicy....it smells divine


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