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    Yesterday I was watching Good Morning America like I do every morning...Melissa Etheridge was one of the guest, she was talking about her Christmas album that just came out and then sang a song from it. I was not “MOVED” by the song at all...But angered!
    I don’t know the name of the song, but the main chorus has these words “Mister, Bring my baby home this December”. I soooo get the message, BUT...(And that is a BIG BUT), doesn’t she know that when each and every solider signs that dotted line they are made aware that they may have to defend our country or help one of our neighboring countries and not be home for a holiday. Yes it’s hard on the soldier's and the families, but that is what they signed up for.
    My Lovie was in the Army, right out of high school. He enjoyed being in the military, it taught him a lot, it helped him to get back on the right track, he had the chance to see most of the world and yes he fought in a war. 17 months in Desert Storm, in a tank. So he knows what it’s like to miss a Christmas.
    I asked him if they received Christmas cards and goodie packages...He said “nope, never saw anything”. That is sad. I didn’t know him at that time, I met him about 4 months after he came home.
    I feel for our soldiers and their families, BUT, Melissa Etheridge is asking for “Mister” to bring them home...Well, “Mister” Obahma says he is going to bring them home, I don’t think this is a good idea. I do believe there is going to be hell to pay here in the sates after all our soldiers are home. Don’t get me wrong I want them home also, but when it is safe for everyone. I would love world peace, I’m always throwin’ the peace sign! But we have to see the bigger picture, we are not “playing” war over there, it’s the real deal!
    There are so many that join the military for the wrong reasons! Some just see it as a paycheck or college money. And then when they are sent to war they whine about how horrible it is and boohoo about not being home for the holidays! All I can say to those is this... “YOU shouldn’t have signed up, you are not a TRUE soldier at heart and as far as I am concerned you are turning your back on America!” When you sign that line you are property of the United States of America, you have a job to do, make us proud.

    So folks like Melissa Etheridge  need to learn what a soldier is and how to be a TRUE AMERICAN! Support our troops while they are doing their job! What are we suppose to do, let anyone join the military and play war here in the states? They LEARNED and PRATICED for this, stop whining, get on your knees and pray for their safety, to get control of things over there and then they can come home so we will not have to worry and be looking over our shoulder every few seconds!


    I bid you all goodnight and sweet dreams!

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