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    Lovie and I bought a few Christmas gifts today. His sister and family will be here for Thanksgiving and we will exchange gift with them on Friday night. We will have fried fish with all the fixings and some good ole Christmas cheer!
    We also bought a new lil Christmas tree. A PINK tree! hehe...I saw them at Wal Mart and I begged Lovie for it! This will be our last holiday in our lil wood frame house, and I really didn't want to pull all the decorations out of the attic and I hate to admit it...But it's kinda sad that's it's our last holiday's here. So something quirky and fun will help! SO...It's pink with green and a hint of sliver this year! HA! It's gonna be a PINK Christmas! I will post pics after I get it up!
    Friday night we went to our BFF's TnT's  children's high school football game, they are both in the marching band. Their daughter is a senior and plays the piccolo and their son is a junior and is the drum major. It was FREEZING cold! But we had so much fun! The band did great and the football team won and which put them into the playoffs! GO TEAM!

Me & My BFF

    Leaving the game FREEZING we went to Chili's  to have a snack and warm up! We munch our our goodies while we warmed up and then it was time for dessert! I mean you can't go to Chili's without getting dessert! Molting Chocolate Cake...WHAT more can I say?!?
    That about all the exciting things that happened for us this weekend, all but LSU losing and me taking a five hours nap! OH MY it felt great! Hope your weekend was great & giggly! Have a great night and sweet dreams!



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