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Yesterday Lovie and I stared our day out EARLY...He rolled out at 4 AM to catch up on some of his shows on his DVR, I got up at 5 am. I had a doctors appointment at 8 AM. I wanted Lovie to go with my this time to touch on some issues I have been having. We had a great talk with my doctor and he made me see things in a whole new light! We both let out a big breath when we got back in the car! LOL We felt better and like we had a new outlook on things. Whew...Love my Dr. D!
We went to the mall after...OH WHOA IS ME...I didn't need to buy anything else for the cruise...But, I bought a hoodie, skirt, sweater, shirt, 2 pair of shoes, and more jewelry! Lovie bought a shirt and two pair of shorts! This madness has to stop! Then this morning Lovie told me he ordered him a new camera! LOL But who else are we gonna spoil right?
We also went to dinner last night with the family for my sister and Daddy's birthday (it was my sis b-day, Daddy was on the 12th) We gave my Daddy a wallet with a image viewer built in it and cool digital clock named Jimi. After dinner we went to my sis' for cake! I enjoyed being with the family so much, there is nothing better!
NOTHING on my desktop or laptop has wanted to work for me today (well that is WHILE I have been awake, which has not been much today!) I have been trying to upload pics to photobucket and the bulk loader will not open for me GRRRRrrrrrrr, then I tried to open my Croral Paint Shopr Pro and it wouldn't open for me Grrrrrrrrrrrr...SO..I couldn't get what I wanted to get to get done on my page today! UGH...Another day!
Well it's TV time...Have a wonderful night, I am sure I will be up for awhile since I slept most of the day away!

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