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Lovie and I went to Houston Friday for his yearly meeting. Normally spouses are not invited to go to the meeting, so we were surprised when I was asked to come. Our flight over was a lil bumpy! I was getting a bit sick UGH! Thank goodness it was only a fifty five minute flight! That sure beats five hours of driving!
We checked in and Lovie got dressed to go to his first meeting...I got a hot bubble bath and put on my pj's! It was time for TV and laptopin'!!! And OF COURSE I fell into a lil slumber! ~*giggle*~
I was awakened with Lovie knocking on the door around 10pm. He had all kinds of stuff in his arms! And was rambling like crazy! I couldn't get awake! He and a co-worker had three double espresso's and were WOUND up! I finally came out of my stupor and started understanding what he was telling me!
Lovie was inducted in The Summit Club for selling over a certain amount for the company. This includes $2000 in American Express cards! I am SOOOOOO proud of him!
But WAIT THERES MORE! He also was given a new award call The Pinch Hitter award. He was award this because he is always there no matter what is going on in his life...And we had ALOT going on in our lives in 2007! But Lovie put on a happy face keep selling and sold the most of two products! And with this award they included a seven day vacation to anywhere we would like to go! We both were speak less! We have not decided yet where we are going...But it will be somewhere tropical.
We went to dinner with Lovie boss Saturday night, the dinner was great and our visit was wonderful. We don;t get to see him very much with him being in Texas, but it is nice when we do!
Sunday our flight home was a lil rowdy! There were Ohio State and LSU fan on the plane! So OF COURSE being LSU fans, we all had to harass the Ohio fans! Tiger Bait and Geuax Tiger was being heckled from all over the plan! ~*giggle*~ It was fun!
After we got our car we headed straight to get out fur babies! Our best friends had them all weekend and keep saying the girls didn't want to go home with us!!! I DON'T THINK SO! ~*giggle*~ They can babysit them anytime the want but they can not have my babies! I would cry!
Our house is still a wreck from the holidays! We have not had a chance to slow down! I hope to get things back in order before Mardi Gras (which is EARLY this year!), we will be out of town for that too!!! GO, GO, GO!!!
Well... Here are a couple pics, you know the deal on the rest, they are on MySpace and if ya not my friend ya not seeing dem!
Have a giggly day and GEAUX TIGERS!!!! BEAT those BUCKEYES!

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