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This past week went really fast! I keep the kids Tuesday for Momma to go for a check up on her leg...Poor thing, her leg did not heal. Her doctor said her could operate again but doesn't really want to, so he is going to let it be for now since the metal plate is in there, he said it will heal, it just might take up to a year. So she still has to take it kinda easy.

On Wednesday I noticed it started getting warm in the house, the heat index was 102 outside, so I thought it must be because it was so hot. When Lovie cam home he said the unit outside was not running, just the one on the inside of the house! Lovie got on the phone with a friend of ours that owns a A/C company to ask him what the problem could be, he told him (Don't ask me what I can not remember! (haha) ANYWAY...The part that was BURNT had a lizard FRIED on it and that it what cause it not to work! Ewwwwww! Lovie changed it out and it is running just fine now! I felt sorry for the lizard but thank goodness it was nothing more!

Lovie paid Disney off yesterday! YAHOOOO!!!!! I am SOOO ready to go! 4 months and 3 days to go! I can't wait!

Lovie also got something yesterday he has been wanting for awhile...Check it out!


Lovie searched till he found the guy that did my tattoo, he found him in our town! He did a GREAT job on Lovies!!! TnT and son happen to be in town visiting family while we were at the tattoo shop and came by to see Lovie getting it done.

We are going on a "double date" with TnT tonight! We are going to dinner and a movie. Us girls wanted to see Hairspray, but then Chuck & Larry also came out so...that is what we'll be seeing! I am sure it will be a HOOT! Enjoy your Saturday and have lots of giggles!

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