The heat is on...

9:31 AM 78 / heat index 84!

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Oh my it is HOT here in the deep south! WHEW! But lord the humidity is good for the skin...
Lovie and I have gotten in our pool one day so far! UGH...Afternoon summer showers! I am hoping to get in this afternoon, but they are calling for rain again, so we'll see.
My nephew and niece are here! We are gonna have so much fun with them here this summer! We have a couple camping and river camp trips planned! My nephew is really looking forward to the river camp, he loves it there! So come back for LOTS of pics!!!
Our friends TnT and family are in Orlando! UGH...I am sooo ready to go...BUT NOT in this heat! I just talked to her and the heat is horrible she said! But they are having a great time and riding all the rides! They are about to drop the kids (well not "kids" per say...Teens) off at Blizzard Beach and then the adults are off shopping! I miss the second T in the TnT!
I FINALLY bought me a new swimsuit! THREE sizes smaller than last year may I add! I also bought a cover...that is something I never normally buy, I would just throw on a pair of shorts and tee-shirt and go. I bought a cute lil tee dress to go over my tankini! TOO CUTE! I am ready now! But I still have my eye on one more suit at LandsEnd also!
Well it's that time...Time to clean house! Have a giggly day!

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