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   Well two days and no fever! I think we have gotten this flu mess beat! I got some housework done today and it made me feel even better!
   I have not mentioned it on here, but we are no longer perm campers. We sold our lot. It was a hard decision to make, but we have been thinking about it for a long time now, and we finally was able to make the break. I will be hard not to see our friends as much, but we have talked to all of them and promised we would keep in touch. It feels great, feels like we are getting our life back!
   We have missed out on camping other palaces...We have our first camping trip planned the first weekend in Feb.! We are excited, but I have to clean the camper out. After four years of sitting in one place, it kinda got over flown with "stuff"! I can't wait...For the camping part that is!
   We have to go back to the campground and get the rest of our stuff, and help Momma & Daddy get theirs ready to put up for sale. We have been planning on going out, but then Loive and I got sick, and then the rain keeps putting it off, so we have all four made a pack that is is in the morning no matter what! It has to be done. I am ready to be finished with it all and close that chapter of my life.
   We rented Lady in The Water last night on pay-per-view, it was really good! I twas a little different than I had thought, but was very interesting and held my attention!
   I bought a high light kit yesterday at the store but I am afraid to tackle it! My sinus' will prolly not be ready for me to pull on my hair! I don't think it would feel real good! So...I will wait a few more days before I try! Well, it is about that time...TV time! hope you have a giggly rest of your night!

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