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   I need to get in the camper and get things ready for our camping trip this weekend! We are so excited about going! Back to normal camping for us!
   We had a verra busy Saturday! We went to a 3 yr old birthday party during the day and an 83rd birthday party that night! We ha such a great time at both, the company could not have been better! We both ate way too much, it was hot dogs and chips for lunch with birthday cake, then for dinner I had Cajun Fried Shrimp with fries and cole slaw, Lovie had the Tj's platter, it was a combo of the ribs, chicken ect...
   When Pawpaw got there you could not have asked for a better expression on his face, he had NO idea we ALL (well almost all of us, two family members with their families couldn't make it) were going to be there! We all had drinks and talked and laughed, the kids colored on the table which was fun! "Uncle Carl" (he is my age) left Momma Linda a message at her spot while she was at the other end of the table visiting! "Boobies feed the world"! We all got tickled before she even came back to her chair! She read her message and I thought she was going to fall out of her chair laughing! Laughter IS TRULY the greatest medicine in the world! Made me feel better!
   Momma Linda came for dinner, and movie and to spend the night last night. Lovie and I cooked hamburger steaks SMOTHERED in onions, smothered potatoes, and deep fried asparagus! Everything was so good!
   We watched Cars. It was different that I thought it would be, I was thinking of a different story line than it was! It was GREAT! Lovie and I laughed and laughed! Momma Linda was dosing...
   Well I better get busy around here, we are drving Momma Linda to N.O. to the airport this afternoon! Hope all is well your way, and have a giggly day!

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