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Happy Thanksgiving!

   I have been awake since 5 am...This is the first time is 14 years that we are not up and getting dressed to head out! My parents are in North Carolina and both of my sisters will be with their families. We are going to Lovies grandparents and then over to his dads. I am feeling kinda sad when I should be feeling thankful.
   New traditions are being made for the holidays with our family I guess and that is what is making me feel sad. The holidays are suppose to be happy times.
    I use to have a vision every year at Christmas time when I was little, it was of an older couple sitting at their table, just the two of them, no family, no children, feeling lonely. I just never dreamed that would be my future I was seeing. I feel that is what is coming for Lovie and I, just the two of us, alone on the holidays. I never dreamed my family would be so divided.
   I guess I should be thankful for the times I had with my family on Thanksgiving in the past, I guess I am being shellfish, but THIS is not how it is suppose to be!
   We are leaving this afternoon for Disney. Two weeks with NOTHING but me and Lovie to think about! With the exception of my niece that will be getting married on December 2, my thoughts will be back home. Congratulations Janie and Donald, we love you both, sorry we could not be there.
   I will be posting pics and posting to MySpace, so make sure you come back to see what we have been doing and seeing! Have a great giggly food filled day!

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