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   I am tired! I lounged in the pool today and the sun really took it our of me! When I went outside it was 82 in the house!!!!!!!!!! We have EVERY fan in the house going! I hope it cools off in here before we go to bed! WHEW!
   We are wanting to go on a trip somewhere, I think we might go to California. Lovie lived there years ago, I have never been. I wanna go to Hollywood!!! Not sure though with Disney in November, we'll see!
   My "lump" has gone down a bit, but my heart still hurts! I guess I will have to have the eccogrom done after all. My chest stays tight and my heart feels like it has something tied around it getting tighter. Momma and my brother have mocro-valve prolasp so I guess I better get it checked.
   Lovie and I both have MySpace now, and we LOVE it! I am HOOKED!!!! JEAUXDI        MY LOVIE      I am headed back there to put more pics on for Lovie! Come visit us!!!! Have a great night!

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