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   I am ready for our pools water to warm up!!! It only gets sun from 1 pm on, so it takes a long time for it to get warm enough for you not to chatter your teeth when you get in!
   Things are finally starting to get back to normal at the campground! I have gotten out of the grove of working the crowd for pics! Lovie and I need to bring our camper home and get it ready for hurricane season. We are putting on new tires and it needs a good cleaning. I WILL NOT stay home for another hurricane!!!
   My Daddy is feeling much better, he went back to Florida last weekend. He and his crew had to move to another condo, this on has a jacuzzi tub, which has really helped with his sore muscles! They are about finished with that job, so he should be home in about a week! I still Thank God for keeping him safe!
   My best friends oldest daughter is graduating this Friday night!!!!!!! !It seems like yesterday that I met my friend and it was her daughters first day of second grade!!!!! They grow up tooooo fast! How old do I feel!?!?!
   Well time to get off my fanny and get clothes in the wash from the weekend...I already updated the campground web page...So the rest of the day it mine!!!!! have a giggly day!

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