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   Lovie bought me a compact digital camera tonight!!! YAHOOOOO!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO excited about that! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Fugi, but it is big and bulky and our work camera. Lovie bought me a Kodak V530!!! Now I am have to learn how to use it!! It is small enough to fit in my bag, palm size! SMALL! ~*giggle*~ Check it out!

How EXCITED am I... This excited!

   America's Next Top Model started tonight...yeeeeee! Already I do not like one of the girls...Because she thinks she is "the one", "IT"! If she was "that" great she would already be a model!
   I found out today that we are FLYING to Texas! I am SOOOOOOOOOO scared, I have never flown before! We have not received our itinerary with flight info, ect...But I did look on the Baton Rouge Airport page and the only fight out is to Houston, sooooooo, that means ANOTHER plane to San Antonio! OOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I am off to my island with my new magazine! Then I will snuggle down with my book! Have a giggle night!

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