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   We had a full wkend! Friday night Lovie and I went to Olive Garden. After we went to our friend in Satsuma to visit while our food settled. It had been awhile since we had been to visit them. their girls have really grown up! You blink you eye and they are grown, I don't like that I have missed out on the past couple years of their lives.
   Saturday morning we helped Momma & daddy with some work around their place. That night we took Lovie's Dad & Step Mother out for their 25th Anniversary. We went to Parrain's. The food was great as always! It was on the crowded side due to the St. Patty's parade and LSU basketball game. Lovie's sister and grandmother went with us. We all had champange before we left for the restaurant then cake and more champange.
   10 days till we leave for Tapatio!! I have started getting things together...But now if I can only get my nerves together for the flight!!!! I am sooo scared! I have hived across the top of my back right now just thinking about it. Lovie keep telling me I am going to love to fly, and I better get use to it, because we have some great trips planned!!!!
   Some friends of our moved to Chicago, they are still getting SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SNOW! I don't think I could handle the snow to live it, I like to visit it, but live with it, no thank you. But we will be visiting them, but prolly not with any snow...
   I could not get to sleep last night ! At 2am I got up and took an sleeping aid, so tonight I will be going to bed early with my book tonight! So with that said have a giggly night!

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