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   I went to bed last night and sleep for only about an hour! I got up and went back into the living room and turned on my computer and the TV. We had some really bad weather last night so I keep the TV on The Weather Channel! I went back to bed around 6am and sleep for about four hours. So needless to say I have taking a "lil helper" so I can get some rest tonight! (Oh wait am I putting TOO much info on the web? is my hubby gonna kick my a$$? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! because I would NEVER be with THAT TYPE of JERK! That's talking like a man, YEAH!!!! It would have been your A&& kicked the FIRST TIME YOU SCREWED UP!!! )
   Anyway..........................I am eyeglass shopping I have fallen IN LOVE with LaFont eyewear!!! They have SOOO many colors to choose from! click HERE and click on the pic to see the colors!!!! Now I have to check with my eye doctor to see if they sale them!!! You know I will choose pink!!! ~*giggle*~
   Well my lil helper is kicking in and the keys are starting to dance around, so I better get in the bed! Have a giggly sleepful night!!!

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