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   Happy Valentines Day!!! I hope everyone had a great valen with their lovie!!! I did!!! ~*giggle*~ We had a late supper and both are settled in on our computers. But it is just about time for cough meds and bed! The past two nights Lovie has been coughing verra bad all night! He got a cough drop last night but it did not help too much! Will this madness ever end, we leave for Atlanta Thursday and the weather is going to be cold and rainy one day!!!! Not a great mix for two sick-o's!!!!!
   I did a high light tonight!!! It is GREAT to be BLONDE!!! HEHEHEHEHEHE Now in the morning I will cut it all off!!! Well...Not all of it, but I like it short! Well it is that time, YUCKIE meds!!! Have a giggly rest of your Valentines!!!!

P.S. my next step is to BLOCK your IP's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the hint, STAY OUT!

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