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   I am a little sad that we are missing out on this historical Mardi Gras! But it is going to be pretty crazy in N.O.!! We rode to Baton Rouge to the Spanish Town Parade...CRAZINESS!!!!! The parade had just rolled and we rode through the streets to see the aftermath!!! WOW!!! Go HERE to see pics!
   I will NEVER miss for ANY reason this parade in the future!! It looked like a lot of fun! I liked that they poked fun at our politicians!!! Gotta LOVE Louisiana politics!
   I am SOOOO sick of hearing everyone on TV nagging about spending money on Mardi Gras verse the rebuild! COME ON, GIVE ME A BREAK! They have NO CLUE how much money these folks spend out of their own pockets to put on these parades, it is not the city or government that does it! The money that is coming into the city right now it worth it! They need all the tourist monies they can get right now! I say bring it on! HAPPY MARDI GRAS CHE'R!
   Sunday night I couldn't have asked for more! I had my puppie girls, magazines, the Sunday paper, my book, a bottled water, in my king bed and Gone With The Wind was on! It was all about me! I felt like I was on my own private island, I told Lovie, to get away, he was not allowed on my island, girls only (with the exception of "Elizah" under the bed) then...He brought me dinner in bed!!!!!!!!! So...I let him on my island! ~*giggle*~
   Well I am off to my private island to snuggle down with my book! Here is an poster for your enjoyment! Have a giggly rest of your Lundi Gras!

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