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   We are home!!! We got in around 10pm Monday night. We had such a good time! Friday morning we woke early and headed out. Our first stop was the Georgia Aquarium. It was verra crowded with at least 50 school bus' of children of all ages! After fighting that crow we went to The Underground. We had lunch in a great lil bistro then did some shopping. They had alot of little booths in the center that had fake Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Rolex ect... Made me laugh!
   Saturday morning we had breakfast with Lovie's sister and children then went to Stone Mountian. It was a bummer that most everything was closed for the season, but we had a great time. We ate lunch in the park at a great home cooking type restaurant. We all had to catch our rolls! I had roasted turkey, sweet potato casserole, and cornbread dressing! YUM - ME! We went to the gift shop and had a ball buying for the kids...And ourselves ~*giggle*~ We had Mexican for dinner that night that was out of this world.
   Sunday morning we woke early again and headed to Dahlonega, the first Gold Mining town of the US. We did more shopping!!! Then we headed more north to Helen an Alpine Village, which is like stepping into another country! We ate lunch first next to the river but it was TOO cold to eat outside.
   Monday morning we got on the road and headed north again toward Chattanooga. We went to Rock City, it was icy and verra cold! So we only went into the gift shop. We rode across Lookout Mountain toward Trenton, Georgia (we lived there in 94) There was snow and ice on top of the mountain!!!! As we came down the mountain the ice and snow was gone, but it was still cold. We went by our lil house we lived in to show Momma. Our lil house was on the foothills of Sand Mountain and looked towards Lookout Mountian.

   We went through Fort Payne, Alabama and ate at the Cracker Barrel and did yet MORE shopping!!! Gotta Love IT! We saw Randy Owens ( lead singer of Alabama ) home on the mountain side. It is a beautiful town!
   Now I will be counting down the day till our next adventure!!! Lovie won a trip to a Spa Resort in north Texas, which we are going to in March. Then I will be REALLY counting the days till Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We leave the day after Thanksgiving!!! YAHOOOOOO!!!! Check out our Vacation page on the menu to your left, and you can see all our pics! Gotta run for now, need to get this doe around here have dinner plans with friends tonight! Have a giggly day

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