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   Well Lovie went to the doctor today, he has to have another test run and has a sonogram next Thursday. The doctor wants another test because he doesn't like to make a decision off one test...Soooooooo, it is more wait time!   Momma went with us, while Lovie was with the doctor her and I went down to the cafe for lunch. After Lovie was finished, he took Momma and I to our fav store, Coldwater Creek We bought lots of goodies!!!!    I am watching Dancing with the Stars...I LOVE IT!!! Master P is a hoot I HOPE he does not get voted off!!! I already voted for Drew Lachey...GO DREW! GO DREW!!! I just may have to sign up with another e-mail address and vote for P!!!! You know me and my reality TV!!! Gotta love it   We are going to New Orleans Saturday to visit with my niece and her roommate. I can not wait to go shopping at the French Market!!! My other niece is coming with her boyfriend also, they are leaving for Orlando Thursday!!!!! I am SOOOOO excited for them!! he will be going to school at Harley Davidson!!!! How cool is that!?!? If I was her I was be trying to get a job at DISNEY WORLD!!!!!! That would be SO much fun! We will miss them!!!   "Mr. Felix Unger" our kitty went to the vet today to get "fixed"! he was not a happy camper when we picked him up! I thought they put them to sleep while operating on them, but they DON"T!!!!! the just numb the area!!! OUCHIE POO!!!!! He is lounging in his room right now, on the TIPPY TOP of his play tree!!!! ( which I can hardly reach him to give him love! ) We have to keep him calm for 10 days! HA!!!!! The thing will be keeping "Lexi" from chasing him! She has such a love / hate relationship with him! "Gabby" out outside kitty goes in on the 25th for her "fixing"!!!!
my feline buddy! MEOW!
   Well gotta let my nails dry and then it is off to bed with my book!!! Don't for get to tag me or leave a comment below!!!!!! have a giggly night!

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