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   4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is cooking day!!! I will start my Chex Mix this morning and cook it all day (due to how much I make) I can not wait to have that smell in the house! YUM! I also have a lot more cooking to get done too, so it will be in the kitchen for the next few days!!!!!
   I have three gifts left to wrap, but all of our shopping is finally done, Lovie took care of the last one yesterday! YAHOO!!!! I have a few thing left to get together for the family, but that will have to wait till Friday.
   Lovie painted and put new cabinets, a new sink faucet in our bath room. And a new kitchen faucet. I will post pics soon... Speaking of pics...Take a look at my honey babies!!!! I miss them SOOOOO verra much, North Carolina is TOO far away!

Taylor with the Gingerbread Tree kit we sent him for his bday! GREAT job Tay!!!!

Waiting on Santa Mikayla? He will be there soon enough with lots of goodies for you both!!!

   Guess I better get in the kitchen! Lots to do! Hope your Christmas week has been a great one so far!!! Merry Chrismtas!

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