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   Oh I ate WAY too much today! Momma, Lovie and I went to LasPalmous Mexican restaurant today for lunch! Yummy! After Lovie went back to work and Momma and I went to Target! We found some goodies, I got a new pair of shoes and two pair of shocks!!! One pair orange and black striped with black kitties on them and the other pair pink and light green with TINKERBELL on them!!!! TOO CUTE!!!
   This past weekend we went downtown to take some black and whites. We had a picnic on the levee, McDonald's! On the way home we went by Momma's for a visit and watch part of the game. When we got home, I got in my bed and sleep till 7pm!!!!!! It was a good day!
   Sunday Momma cam over for chicken and dumplings that Lovie cooked, oh how yummy were they VERRA! We watched Steal Magnolia's. Momma went home to take a nap and I went down for one too!!! What a wkend!

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