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We left for the campground Thursday afternoon. We visited with the owners and went for a ride on the golfcart, it was a nice night just the two of us. We went in and snuggled in for the night...welll...our "worker" neighbors (workers meaning out of town folks here to work the rebuild) decided they wanted to stay up and play their music verra loud! We went out and Lovie went over and asked them to turn it down, no problem they we very nice about it. We went fast asleep. Around 1:30 am I work up to a roaring sound and flashing lights! It was four police cars, a fire truck and an ambulance! The neighbors had gotten into a fight, one was cut with a knife and he beat the other with an baseball bat! The one that was cut was being tended to by the paramedics, the one that was beaten with the bat was no where to be found.
After all the police, firemen and paramedics left the one beat with the bat came up calling for help, he had been hiding in the woods I guess. So all the calvery came back out to the rescue. The bat beaten one was being tended to while the cut one was arrested for the bat beating! The boss' we not happy campers with them, the both lost their jobs and the owners told them they had to leave the park.
the next morning I got up and looked out the window to find the bat beaten one his girlfriend and two other men sitting around talking, they each had a coke a cola in one had and a bottle of whiskey in the other at 10am!!! I went to the store to get and icee and told the owner what I had saw, she went back there to talk to them about drinking, the said they only had one drink.
After Lovie came in from work went were headed out for a golfcart ride, the "girlfriend" and the workers where picking up some garbage off the side of the rode and packing up to leave. The girlfriend got into the drivers seat of the pickup and hit the gas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slinging rocks toward us! They all went screaming after her! The boss' were on the war path yet again! Th owner came back there and had them police escorted out! The boss' and spouses keep apologizing for the way they were acting, I told them it is not their place to say sorry. It was a mess, but thank goodness those people are gone!
That night we went to dinner with my sister and brother-in-law, seafood buffet, verra yummy!! We rode around the park on our way in and then went in to go to bed.
Saturday was LSU football day!!!! Lovie cooked, btoerh-in-law's mom came and had cooked veggie soup, and corn bread. She had also made banana pudding! We had cheesy dogs, steaks, pork chops, chicken breat, and sausage. We had a lot of folks to feed! And of course LSU won!!! GEAUX TIGAS!!!!
Sunday Lovie, sister, brother-in-law and I went to Wal Mart then for a ride, then to eat at Ground Patti. Tink and I went riding on the golfcart for a while. The traffic was so bad in the park we were dodging trucks left and right! So we went in for the night.
We stayed till Monday which was nto normal for us but it was nice. Lovie picked me up around noon to head home. Tink stayed to wait on brother-in-law, they left around 4pm. It was a nice long wkend for us.
Our Target opened Sunday!! Lovie and I went ther etoday to check it out. I am SOOOOOOO more in love with Target now than ever!! And now I have one close to me!! yahoooo!!!!!!!! I bought a Timex Color Indiglo PINK wathc!!! It lights up pink!!!!

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